2013 Social Event Update

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Help Needed to Set The Social Calendar

2012’s Social calendar will be tough to top.  Chris DiPaolo is up to it this year.  We will announce shortly the social schedul, but we need your help to make it a success!  Would you like to assist with the Kids/Teen Parties?  Family Night?  The Wine Tasting?  Bingo?

Please contact Chris Di Paolo @ chris [at] dldipaolo [dot] com to offer your help, or to inquire about any of our social activities!

crab fest2

Fun, Friends, Food and Of Course Swimming!

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The Green Woods Swim Club hosts a variety of social events throughout the summer season. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest members will have something fun planned for them this summer!

Please keep your eyes on the bulletin board at the pool, this is where volunteer lists and sign-up sheets for these events will be posted as the summer progresses. These events are a great opportunity to get involved, meet new members and have fun with friends. We throw both parent & kids parties during the summer where games, dancing, eating and laughter abound!! The dates and times for these events and a handful of other activities are all on the summer calendar and again we encourage all to keep abreast of upcoming events by checking the bulletin board at the pool frequently.

Green Woods Club owns several portable charcoal grills for our memberships use (except on the scheduled party dates). Please utilize these and our picnic area for your families next BBQ! There are trash barrels located about the picnic area to help maintain the tidy appearance of our club. Please help to keep our pool litter free.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer at Green Woods!




2013 Annual Letter to Green Woods Club Membership

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Dear Members:

Although winter is just getting into full swing, the Green Woods Club Board is already at work preparing for the 2013 season. Before we look ahead to this 2013 season, let us review our accomplishments in 2012. It was a year of freshening up the general facilities, which included: bathroom renovations, tree work to reduce risk to the pool and grounds, painting, coping work, sound system upgrade and the resurfacing of diving boards to name just a few. Aside from the pool and grounds, we are very proud of the focus we put into the social events and general communications to the membership at large. The Board wants to thank our membership for all of their support during the year. Help with the Spring Clean-up Days, support of our social events and the general volunteerism which everyone was not short of providing when asked, was greatly appreciated. This went a long way to ensure that the pool looked outstanding for the season.

With the 2012 improvements complete, we are already beginning our preparation for the 2013 season. With a plan to beautify the entrance to the pool, we have installed new trees and cleared the front entrance in preparation for new landscaping. We have begun cleaning up the woods surrounding the pool fence, completed gutter work to reduce the erosion around the pool office and pavilion, aerated, reseeded and fertilized the lawn just to name a very few tasks that have completed already. And yes, to those who were impacted by the lack of working equipment during the last clean up day, we have tuned up our equipment to make next year a real success.

Many more details about 2012 and 2013 are attached in the annual membership meeting presentation. We are excited for 2013. Our expectation is that you will see a real difference in the pool next year.

Dues for the 2013 season will increase by $25.00 per family. This increase is to keep pace with the increasing costs to maintain the pool, pay the insurance, provide management for the pool, and to support the number of maintenance activities which need to be done yearly to the pool to keep it manageable for years to come. We will continue to ensure that our dues will allow the club to maintain its financially sound position while ensuring that all of our assets can be maintained and upgraded when necessary.

As a final note, please continue to encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up on our membership waiting list. The current wait is around one year and the list is addressed on a first come, first served basis. Prospective members can visit our web site www.greenwoodsclub.com or email Andrea Gosselin at andrea [dot] gosselin [at] verizon [dot] net to obtain a wait list application.

As a last point, the woods surrounding the pool have remained untouched for a number of years. As a result, we have a number of downed trees. If you are interested in logging some of the woods and very well skilled in doing so, I would ask that you get in contact with Jim McManus (gutterstuffde [at] gmail [dot] com) or Bob Hewton (Robert [dot] Hewton [at] phl [dot] org). It would certainly help us in increasing the appearance of the facilities on a whole.

It is hard to believe, but there are only five more months until we see each other again at the pool!

David Di Biaggio
President – Green Woods Board