Green Woods Swim Club is Reopening June 8th, 2020!

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Green Woods Swim Club IS Reopening!

Dear Green Woods Members,

I hope you’re enjoying the quick transition from spring to summer like temperatures!  This weather has certainly drawn our attention to our pool and opening.  As you’ve likely heard in the last week, Chester County will be transitioning to the Yellow Phase of Pennsylvania’s reopening plan on Friday, June 5.  The Board met to discuss the possibility of reopening and how we can best serve our membership while remaining safe.  Green Woods Swim Club will reopen on Monday, June 8 in a limited capacity.  

This communication is lengthy, but please be sure to read it in its entirety to ensure the safety of our members and staff.  We also know that this plan may be changing as the pandemic evolves and reopening continues, so please continue to check your email for more information.

When will the club open?

Green Woods Swim Club will reopen on Monday, June 8.  The club will be open to members only during the yellow phase of reopening.  Our limited capacity during this time will be 200 members per time slot.  Members will be required to sign up for a reservation PRIOR to coming to the pool.  Members may only choose one time slot per day. The pool will be open in these three time slots: 

12:00-2:45 pm

3:00-5:45 pm

6:00- 8:45 pm

At the end of each time slot, members will be asked to leave and the pool will be closed to check chemicals.  Additionally, in between time slots, the staff will have time to wipe down tables as well as properly sanitize the bathrooms and other high traffic areas.  

How can I sign up?

A Sign Up Genius link will be emailed out at 8:00 am June 1 for time slots on the week of June 8.  Please only sign up for one slot per day so that we can allow many families to swim.  If we don’t exceed capacity, we may not need to use the Sign Up Genius in the future.  At this time, we felt more comfortable taking a conservative approach.  

How will we enforce social distancing?

While we are luckier than many clubs and we have plenty of physical space to spread out, we understand that kids will want to congregate.  We ask that you please reinforce the importance of distancing to your children and help to monitor your children, both in and out of the pool.  Every lifeguard’s main concern is the safety of the swimmers in the pool.  It is not the guards’ responsibility to enforce social distancing.  

Will my family need to wear masks?

Staff will be wearing masks whenever they are interacting with members.  A staff member will be working the front gate at all times and will be masked.  If you are moving around the pool deck or grounds and you’re not walking to get in the pool, we would ask that you please wear a mask.  If you are sitting with your family, you do not need to wear a mask.  Swimmers do not need to wear a mask.  

Will we have assigned seating?

To help cut down on cleaning and high touch areas, we have decided to remove the chairs and chaise lounges until Chester County is in the green phase.  Please bring your own chairs or blankets/ towels for your family.  Tables should be used as one per family and will be cleaned in between time slots. 

Will kids be able to play other activities?

While we are in the yellow phase, the slide, basketball courts, volleyball and foosball will all be closed.  These topics will be revisited as we prepare to enter in the green phase. 

Will we still have adult swim?

Yes.  Adult swim will take place approximately halfway between each time slot.

Time Slot  Adult Swim
12:00-2:45 pm 1:20-1:30 pm
3:00-5:45 pm 4:20-4:30 pm
6:00- 8:45 pm 7:20- 7:30 pm

Will we be able to use the vending machines and water fountain?

While in yellow, the vending machines and water fountain will be closed.  Please don’t forget to bring your own water from home to stay hydrated! 

Will I be able to shower and change in the bath house?

In the yellow phase, the bath house is to only be used for the restrooms and sinks.  The showers and changing areas will not be used until we are in the green phase.  

Will we be permitted to use the grills?

Members may use the grills, but should understand the grills are not cleaned or sanitized by the staff.  Members must also bring their own grill tools.  

May we bring guests or have a birthday party at the pool?

At this time, we are not allowing guests to ensure that capacity is reserved for our members.  If we are able to move away from the reservation system in the future, guests may be permitted.  The pavilion is currently closed, so members may not have parties or rent the space.  

Will we have swim team this year?

Southern Chester County Swim League has decided to cancel the 2020 summer swim season, but our swim team staff has decided to host a swim camp for those swimmers who are interested in summer swim.  More details will be forthcoming.

We understand that you may still have questions and concerns.  If so, please email them to info [at] greenwoodspool [dot] com.  If you have friends and family who are also members, please remind them that they will need a reservation to swim at the pool.  If you know families are looking for a swim club membership, we do currently have openings.  Please direct any potential new members to our website at for more information.  

Finally, we know that some of you may not feel comfortable coming to the pool, now or in the future.  We understand and respect your decision to stay home.  We are unable to process refunds to families at this time. We look forward to seeing you (from a distance) soon! 


Kelly Figueroa

On behalf of the Green Woods Swim Club Board 

Our pool is filled!

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The pool is ready to go! As soon as we get information on an opening date, we will let all of our members know. We are just as anxious as you! Thank you to all of our members who assisted with clean up this Spring.

Pool Opening Late-end of season

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Due to a significant shortage in lifeguards and staff available, the pool will be opening at 3 p.m. the week of Monday, August 31st-Friday, September 4th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Green Woods Club 2019 Annual Letter

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Green Woods Club members,

Welcome to the 2019 season!

Thank you to all of the previous and current Board members, managers, lifeguards, coaches and volunteers for your hard work. Without your help we would not be where we are today as a Swim Club.

Pool Improvements

Green Woods pool is now 60 years old. As a result of its age, several structural repairs and cosmetic improvements need to be made;

Structural repairs and improvements 

  1. Severe leaking
  2. Shifting of the pool
  3. Coping (uneven, cracked and in need of replacement)
  4. New tiles (many are cracked or have fallen off)
  5. Protruding walls
  6. Cracks in the pool body
  7. Add built in steps to enter the 3’ section

Cosmetic repairs and maintenance

The below picture summarizes many of the above repairs that need to be made

Throughout the past five years, the Board has been working to find solutions to these problems. At this time, the band-aid philosophy is no longer a viable solution. After meeting with several concrete and pool consultants, we have found a solution to the repairs and improvements mentioned above.

For 2019 the Board has received quotes for a major renovation of the pool and various improvements. The cost for these renovations and improvements will be in the $105,000.00 – $120,000.00 range. The current dues and reserves will not cover all of the drastically needed structural and cosmetic improvements. Please review a copy of the detailed Green Woods Club Financial Summary on the last page.

The first phase of the major renovation is to address the constant leaking in the pool, repair the numerous cracks, water blast and then paint. We have contracted with a concrete consulting firm to inject concrete under the bed of the pool to stabilize the pool and prevent further cracks from forming. Following the pool stabilization, the cracks will be repaired, the entire pool will be water blasted to bare concrete and then painted white with the appropriate lane markings for the swim team. The concrete injection and crack repair will cost $25,000.00 – $30,000.00. The water blasting and painting will cost $30,000.00 – $35,000.00. The plan is to have phase one work completed by opening day 2019.

Once the pool is filled with water and there are no signs of any leaks we will start phase two of this project which could start in the fall of 2019, but no later than the Spring of 2020.  Phase two will include the addition of steps in the 3’ end, new coping/tiles, new skimmers and cleaning equipment at a cost of $50,000.00 – $55,000.00.

Examples of what your pool will potentially look like after the repairs and improvements

                 New walk in steps in the 3’ section                                            New tile and coping 

Special Assessment 

As you know, Green Woods is a great place to bring your family during the summer months.  After analyzing the annual membership dues of 10-15 local swim clubs, Green Woods remains one of the lowest cost clubs in the area. In order to complete the above work a mandatory special assessment per family is required. For the 2019 season, each family will be assessed $400.00, which will be split between the 2019 and 2020 seasons. For the 2019 season, $100.00 will be due with your membership dues on March 1stand $100.00 due by May 15th. The $200.00 balance will be due by March 1, 2020.

Without this assessment the pool work will not get done and we will continue to live with the worsening conditions (please refer back to the picture on page one).

Annual Membership Dues

In 2017 the Board increased the dues per family member by $10.00. This additional revenue helped greatly with maintaining the pool and its grounds. For the 2019 season, the dues will increase again by $10.00 per family member. Membership dues, along with $100.00 of the special assessment,must be paid by Friday, March 1, 2019.

If you are in a financial position to contribute any additional amounts to the Club, we have several other underfunded projects that need to be completed. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of the Board members about the special assessment or membership dues please reach out to us at info [at] greenwoodspool [dot] com


As you know, the by-laws have been updated and are available on the website.

Pool Rules and Management   

The pool rules and regulations are very important for the safety of the pool members and guests. This past season’s pool manager was very strict with enforcing the pool rules.  We ask that if any member has an issue with a guard or other member to first speak with the manager on duty then secondly contact a Board member. There is no reason for any member to berate or disrespect our managers or lifeguards. Our pool management company is actively looking for a new pool manager for the 2019 season.

Membership & special assessment dues are due by Friday, March 1, 2019. It is each members responsibility to pay their dues on time via e-soft and to read all the emails that are sent from the Communications chair. A $50.00 late fee will be assessed for any payments made after the due date.

The Board is open to any and all ideas; please utilize the info [at] greenwoodspool [dot] comemail or send us an email from the website. Every single idea is read and discussed.

If you would like to get more detailed information concerning the major pool repairs and improvements, the timeline for the work or a breakdown of the actual costs, please email us. You are more than welcome to attend our Board meeting on Monday, February 4that 7:00pm at the Kennett Township building to review and discuss the pool improvement plans in greater detail.  

The pool opens Saturday, May 25that 12:00 pm. \

The Green Woods Club Board