The Green Woods Swim Club hosts a variety of social events throughout the summer season. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest members will have something fun planned for them this summer!

Please keep your eyes on the bulletin board at the pool, this is where volunteer lists and sign-up sheets for these events will be posted as the summer progresses. These events are a great opportunity to get involved, meet new members and have fun with friends. We throw both parent & kids parties during the summer where games, dancing, eating and laughter abound!! The dates and times for these events and a handful of other activities are all on the summer calendar and again we encourage all to keep abreast of upcoming events by checking the bulletin board at the pool frequently.

Green Woods Club owns several portable charcoal grills for our memberships use (except on the scheduled party dates). Please utilize these and our picnic area for your families next BBQ! There are trash barrels located about the picnic area to help maintain the tidy appearance of our club. Please help to keep our pool litter free.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer at Green Woods!