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Green Woods Club members,

Welcome to the 2019 season!

Thank you to all of the previous and current Board members, managers, lifeguards, coaches and volunteers for your hard work. Without your help we would not be where we are today as a Swim Club.

Pool Improvements

Green Woods pool is now 60 years old. As a result of its age, several structural repairs and cosmetic improvements need to be made;

Structural repairs and improvements

  1. Severe leaking
  2. Shifting of the pool
  3. Coping (uneven, cracked and in need of replacement)
  4. New tiles (many are cracked or have fallen off)
  5. Protruding walls
  6. Cracks in the pool body
  7. Add built in steps to enter the 3’ section

Cosmetic repairs and maintenance

  1. New skimmers
  2. New modern pool cleaning equipment
  3. Water blasting of the pool
  4. Painting of the pool
  5. New sand filtration system

The below picture summarizes many of the above repairs that need to be made