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Swim Team Handbook

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2013 Swim TeamWelcome to the Green Woods Club Swim Team Online Handbook






Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Coaches and Team Goals
The Green Woods Club Swim Team strives to provide a positive, safe environment for swimmers during the summer. Participation in the swim team is an opportunity for swimmers to have fun, enjoy friendships, and improve their swimming skills.
Head Coach: Scott Elliott
Scott has been head coach for Green Woods Swim Team for over 15 years. He has been head coach for the Golden Ram Aquatics Club Team and assistant coach for the West Chester University Swim Team for over ten years. He also continues to teach in the W.C.U. Swim Lesson Program. Scott was a member of the Germantown Academy Swim Team, The University of Maryland Swim Team and the West Chester University Swim Team. Scott was a 2 Year All -American at Germantown Academy, a 2 Year All-ACC at University of Maryland and a 2 Year All -American at W.C.U.
Assitant Coaches:
Patrice Bunting
Victoria Bunting
Brandon Smiddy
Richard Wentz
Junior Coaches:
Coaches’ Goals
To condition swimmers and teach proper stroke technique through quality practice sessions
To provide an opportunity for individual growth and improvement
To help all swimmers work towards their personal goals
To help swimmers realize the importance of personal and team responsibility
To maintain an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and team spirit at all times
Swimmers’ Goals
To set personal goals
To attend practice every day
To improve stroke technique
To swim faster
To swim for the good of the team
To make friends and have fun
To be a good sport
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Information Locations
Our season is short but full of important dates and events for the swimmers and their families. In an effort to get the information out to all families in a timely manner, we will make the information available in the following ways:
Primary Methods
Email – THIS IS OUR PRIMARY METHOD OF COMMUNICATING WITH SWIM TEAM FAMILIES. All families who included their email address on their registration form will receive information via the Internet. E-mail will be used for important updates, weather related cancellations and reminders about practices, meets, and social events.
Secondary Methods
Web Site- The Green Woods Club website is www.greenwoodspool.com. On this site there will be general information on the swim team, calendars, etc.
Mailboxes – Every swim family is provided with a mailbox (file folder). The mailboxes are held in a file box that will be placed outside the office during all practices. Mailboxes will be used to provide flyers, forms, ribbons and reminders to all swimmers. Every family should check their mailbox on a daily basis. It will save time for all of us.
Bulletin Board – Information will also be posted on the Swim Team Bulletin Board. Meet line-ups and meet results will be posted on the bulletin board for your review. Please review the meet results at the pool and return them to the bulletin board so they are available for all families and swimmers. Upcoming events as well as highlights of the season and swimmers’ accomplishments will also be found here.
Team Coordinators – The team coordinators, Christina Gorman, Hiver McKnight, and Lindsay Silverstein will attempt to be at the pool most mornings to answer any questions or concerns that you have.
Coaches – It is important to communicate your concerns as well as praises to the coaches. Scott and the other coaches will be available AFTER ALL PRACTICES are finished to speak to any parent. Please do not delay or interrupt practice to speak to them. If this is not convenient you may also leave a written note in the black mailbox posted on the bulletin board and they will get back to you.
Additional Communication Notes…
Pool Office Telephone – The pool office telephone number is 610-388-6787. Please note members are not permitted in the office.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Practice Times and Groupings
Swim Tests
All NEW swimmers will be required to pass a swim test. A swimmer must be able to swim the length of the pool using freestyle with correct technique and breathing to be eligible for the team. (Younger swimmers may be asked to swim the width only.) Demonstrating comfort in the pool will also be observed.
All swimmers should be on deck and ready when their practice begins. Practice will consist of stroke development, endurance training, and swim games for the younger swimmers. Practice will be held in the afternoon while school is still in session according to age groups. Morning practice will begin when school is out and continue until your season-end championship. Coaches will place swimmers in practice groups prior to the beginning of morning practice and post them on the bulletin board. The morning practice groups allow swimmers of similar ability to swim together regardless of age. Both afternoon and morning practices will be held Monday through Friday at the following times:
Afternoon Practice by Age* Morning Practice by Groups*
6 & Under 4:00 – 4:30 Opens & 14 and Under 8-9:30am
8 & Under 4:00 – 4:30 12 & Unders 9:30-10:30am
10 & Unders 10:30-11:30am
10 & Under 4:30 – 5:30 8 & Unders 10:30-11:15am
12 & Under 4:30 – 5:30 6 & Unders 11:15-11:45am
14 & Under 5:30 – 6:30 * These times/groups may change depending on number
18 & Under 5:30 – 6:30 of swimmers per age group.
Meet Attendance
Swimmers are required to attend all meets, including the Green and Black Meet and the five dual meets. A swimmer must swim in at least two (2) dual meets to qualify to swim in a Championship Meet at the end of the season. Every swimmer on the roster will be included in all meet line-ups unless signed out prior to the meet. Please remember one swimmer’s attendance at a meet can make a difference!
Meet Sign Out
If a swimmer cannot attend a meet, a written note for the coaches must be placed in the mailbox on the bulletin board. This should be done by Tuesday 12:00 noon for a Wednesday meet and by Thursday 12:00 noon for a Saturday meet. This allows adequate time to make line-up changes. Please understand that a change of one swimmer may result in several line-up changes for that meet. Be considerate of the coaches, team members, and volunteers and follow this sign-out policy. If a last minute illness occurs, please contact the coaches or coordinators as soon as possible. If the coaches are not notified of a swimmer’s absence from a meet within the time guidelines, they will not be included in the following meet’s line-up.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Meet Format
Dual Meets – This year we will have five dual meets and possibly one inter-squad meet and/or a friendly non-league meet.
Warm Ups & Swim Meet Starting Times
• The home team usually warms-up one hour before the start of the meet. You will receive email notices before each meet to verify times.
• Wednesday meet warm-ups……. Home Team 3:45-4:15 …… Visiting Team 4:15-4:45
• Saturday meet warm-ups……… Home Team 7:45-8:15 …… Visiting Team 8:15-8:45
Order of Events for Dual Meets
Girls events are odd numbered events. Boys events are even numbered events. 1. 1 through 2 Open girls and boys 100 I.M. 2. 3 through 14 Girls/boys : 6& under thru opens Free Style 3. 15 through 24 Girls/boys : 8 & under thru opens Breast Stroke 4. 25 through 36 Girls/boys : 6& under thru opens Back Stroke 5. 37 through 46 Girls/boys : 8 & under thru opens Butterfly 6. 47 through 48 Open girls and boys 50m Free 7. 49 through 58 Girls/boys : 8 & under thru opens Relays
Ribbons will be awarded at home meets for 1st through 6th place for each heat of individual events. Ribbons will also be awarded to the relays. Open swimmers will receive only Personal Best Ribbons. Meet ribbons will be awarded for away meets at the discretion of the home team.
Meet Results
Score: Team scores are based on the results of Heat 1. Team points are awarded as follows:
1st Place 5 points ~ 2nd Place 3 points ~ 3rd Place 1 point for all individual events. Events for the 6 and under age group are exhibition only so they do not count toward the team total. First place finishes in the Relay Events are awarded 7 points. Swimmers are timed in all events; however, places are awarded based on the place judge’s decision. If a meet official disqualifies an individual or relay team no points are awarded for their finish. Meet scores are announced at the end of each meet. Meets have been won or lost by only 1 point. All swimmers are an important part of the team and contribute to its success.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Event Times
Event times from meets will be posted the following day on the bulletin board. Swimmers may request their time from the timers as they get out of the pool. Families often bring stopwatches to get approximate times for their swimmers. The official time is the time posted in the Meet Results.
Meet Volunteers
It is the responsibility of each swim team family to be an active participant in the swim team. Meet volunteers are an essential part of every swim meet. We will use an online volunteer sign-up again this year (SignUpGenus) so that families can sign-up at their own convenience for the various jobs at each meet. There are over 30 volunteers needed on deck to run a dual meet! Please refer to the Swim Team Officials Job Descriptions to become more familiar with their roles. We are fortunate to have a few experienced meet officials associated with our swim team. However, we very much welcome new parents to help out as well. Many of the jobs do not require specific training, just a willing parent to contribute to the team’s responsibilities.
Participation in at least two (2) dual meets is necessary to qualify for entry into a championship meet. Swimmers who qualify will be entered in one of the 3 Post Season League Championship Meets:
Mini-Championships – ages 5-8
First Championships – ages 9-12
League Championships – ALL age groups
The coaches will determine which championship meet each child will be entered into based on their age group, qualifying times, practice attendance and team commitment. No swimmer will swim at more than one championship meet. Meet qualifiers and meet entries will be posted on the bulletin board after the last dual meet. Championship meets also require the swimmer to be signed out if they are unable to attend. Please notify the coaches as soon as possible if you know that your swimmer will be unable to attend a Championship Meet. This may affect meet entries for other swimmers. In addition, do not assume which championship your swimmer will be competing in, check entries on the bulletin board towards the end of the season.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
How to Prepare for a Swim Meet
Getting ready for a swim meet can seem like you’ll be camping for a week. It is helpful if every swimmer has his/her own bag. Write your name on absolutely everything you bring including your team suit and cap. The checklist below might be helpful.
What to Bring
Team Suit
Team Cap (an extra one just in case)
Goggles (an extra pair just in case)
Towels (at least 2 per swimmer)
Team T-Shirt
Blanket or chair for swimmers to sit on
Sweatpants and sweatshirt or warm clothing for chilly mornings and between swims
Lawn chairs for parents to sit on
Camera / Video
Umbrella & Rain Gear (just in case)
Highlighter and pencil for Championship Meets to use for Meet Program
Directions to meet
Praises for your swimmer & TEAM SPIRIT!
What to Expect
Plan to arrive 15 minutes before warm-ups start. This way you can find a spot to sit, find your goggles, and report to the coaches when the announcer calls for warm-ups. Shortly after teams have warmed up, the meet should begin. When you hear your event called over the loudspeaker, report to the “Clerk of Course.” This is the person who gets the swimmers in order for their event. ***ALL SWIMMERS INCLUDING YOUNG SWIMMERS MUST SIT WITH THE TEAM SO THAT THEY CAN BE FOUND IN TIME TO LINE-UP… THIS WILL BE INFORCED AT MEETS.*** If they need comfort or assistance find an older swimmer to help or come and sit with them in the team area.
If you’ve never attended a swim meet before, here are a few things you can expect:
Chairs, towels, and kids everywhere! ~ Chilly mornings and sometimes evenings (and on occasion, standing in the rain!) ~ Sometimes limited viewing space (except for deck volunteers). ~ Boredom between your swimmer’s events if you don’t volunteer for a shift (or two) of timing, recording, working concessions, etc. ~ New friends and a great time if you get involved with the team!!!
Please find out which events and heats your child will be swimming so that you can help ensure that your child gets to his/her event. Every summer swimmers miss events because they cannot be found in time for their event. ***IT IS REQUIRED THAT THE SWIMMERS STAY IN THE GW TEAM AREA.*** If they need a snack please purchase it for them so they do not need to leave.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Directions to Swim Clubs
JENNERSVILLE YMCA: 610-869-9622 880 W Baltimore Pike, West Grove Pike – Take Route 1 South to 796 South Exit (look for exit for Hospital). At top of ramp turn Left onto 796 (Jennersville Road). Turn Right onto Old Baltimore Pike (1st traffic light). YMCA is on your Right before the Hospital.
ROSLYN: 610-696-9627 Spruce Ave., W.C., – Take Rt. 1N to 202 North to W.C. When you reach W.C., bear left onto High Street (322 BUS) into W.C., at this point you will go under Rt.202 and then you will be at the Parkway Center. Go through the light at the Parkway Center. At the Pizza Hut, turn left on Spruce Ave. Follow Spruce Ave down the hill – The swim club is on the left at the bottom of the hill. DO NOT PARK ON SPRUCE AVE. YOU WILL BE TICKETED. Or take Rt.52 to W.C., take a right onto Rosedale Ave. continue, at the intersection of Rosedale and New St. (Calvary Lutheran Church on left), cross over New St., at tennis courts on right side, make a right onto Roslyn Ave. then bear right onto SpruceAve, pool is on the right.
WEDGEWOOD: 610-368-6787 957 S. Matlack St., – Take 202N towards W. C., Bear to the right around the Holiday Inn – stay on 202 ramp – (Do not take High Street into W.C.). Stay on 202N to traffic light at Matlack St. (Kelly’s Sports, Spaz Beverage & Federal Express on Corners). Make a Right at Matlack St., Go up the hill past Coventry Village Town Homes. The next driveway on the left is Wedgewood Swim Club.
WEST CHESTER SWIM CLUB (formerly WATERVIEW): 610-696-9740, Take Rt.3E (W.C. Pike) out of W.C. go approximately 2.5 miles. Then, after the light at Westtown Way (road which goes only to the right), continue on Rt., 3 going up the hill and looking for the Waterview Apts. and Waterview Rd. on the Left. Turn left on Lockwood La. The entrance to West Chester Swim Club is on the left.
UMLY (Upper Main Line YMCA): 610-647-9622 202N to Rt.926E, merge into Rt.3E to Rt.252N (turn left), continue on 252 to Sugartown Rd. (turn right at the stoplight), (if you reach Rt.30, you have gone too far). Stay on Sugartown Rd. to left fork in road becomes Berwyn Paoli Pike. UMLY is on the right about 300 yards. OR From W.C. – Take Paoli Pike East, right onto Rt. 30E, at intersection of Rt.30 and Rt.252 take a right, take a left onto Sugartown Rd. and left at fork onto Berwyn Paoli Pike, UMLY is on the right.
Parking suggestions are posted for some meets due to limited parking and special arrangements made by the host swim club to accommodate visiting teams. Please note these changes when posted on the bulletin board and honor them when you arrive.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Swim Meets – Job Descriptions
Head Official: Organizes the essential people necessary to run a successful meet. He explains the rules to the Timers, Runners, and the Place Judges at the beginning of each meet. The Head Official may have additional responsibilities such as Referee, Starter, Announcer or Stroke and Turn Judge. The Head Official will coordinate the jobs of Announcer, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judge and Referee.
Timer: Each Timer uses a stopwatch to time the individual and relay events and then reports the times to the runners. At least seven Timers are needed for home meets and six timers for away meets.
Runner: Records all swimmers’ times and places at the end of each event on the event sheet and then returns the sheet to the scorers’ table. Two Runners are needed for each meet so they are able to alternate events.
Announcer: Announces the upcoming event and the swimmers’ names for each lane. He/She helps control the pace of the meet. At least one Announcer is needed for each home meet.
(The next three jobs require more training. We are fortunate to have several experienced officials at our pool. There is also a training session offered by the league in June that is available for anyone interested in learning these jobs.)
Starter: Uses a starting signal and whistle to officially start the swimmer once they are on the blocks. Need at least 1 at home meets.
Stroke and Turn: This person has an identified number of lanes and he/she observes each swimmer in each event to insure that the swimmer is legally (correctly) doing the stroke. Need at least 1-2 for home and away meets.
Referee: He/she oversees the meet, records each finish of every event and has the knowledge to handle disputes if needed. Need at least 1 for home and away meets.
Table Officials: Head Scorer – Arrives 1 hr early to the meet. Meets with the visiting team scorers and prepares the event sheets from both teams. At home meets he/she supplies necessary tools to efficiently do the job. Scorer then records the time taken by the timers, tabulates and keeps score during the meet. Need at least 2 for home and away meets.
Head Ribbons: Makes sure all the necessary ribbons are available at the meet and writes the time and name of the swimmer on the ribbon for the person it is awarded to. Handles ribbon related paperwork. Need at least 3 writers for home meets.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
2015 Season Highlights and Definitions
Team T-Shirt – Every registered swimmer will receive a team shirt specifically designed for the current season!
Spirit Wear / Apparel – Gator logo apparel to wear at meets or all year long! Look for more info once season begins.
Spirit Activities – Fun activities planned during practice times. Boost your team spirit, learn a cheer, make a poster, or a friendship bracelet.
Team Photo – A professional team photograph taken at the pool. Time is also allotted for individual pictures or sibling groups. This year’s team photo will be taken during a morning practice time. PLEASE wear your team suit!
Family to Family – A group of returning families interested in welcoming, getting to know and help our new team families.
Gator of the Week Award – An award given by the coaches each Friday during the regular swim season to one or two swimmers in each practice group for special efforts.
Gator Award – An award given to a boy and a girl in each age group at the End-of-Season Banquet. It is given by the coaches to reward special effort or achievement.
Green and Black Meet – (date has not been determined) An intra-squad meet geared to get swimmers back into summer swim meets. Two teams are formed, Black and Green, who swim against each other. This meet also doubles as time trials and enables the coaches to get the swimmers first times of the season. Also very helpful to families who are new to swimming to see just what a meet “looks like” before our first official meet. Schedule permitting.
End-of-Season Banquet – A special day for swim team families to enjoy. Dressing up, dinner, speeches, awards, fun, friends and photos are all part of this special day. Followed by an open swim for the swim team and their families. This is a day your swimmers will always remember.
End Of Season Celebration – Another party. This one is informal and held following the 2nd night of League Championships at the pool. Again, food, friends, swimming, and fun. This celebration is for all swimmers and their families. This is the finale to our season.
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Green Woods Club Swim Team – Gators Family Handbook 2015
Frequently Called Phone Numbers
Chair – Christina Gorman cmsgorman [at] comcast [dot] net 610-299-4747cell/text
Treasurer – Hiver McKnight winter1970 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Secretary – Lindsay Silverstein lindsayfs [at] verizon [dot] net
THE SWIM SHOP: 302-575-1224