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Membership Information

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Memership InfoGreen Woods Club is a private outdoor pool. Membership is limited to 285 bonded members and their immediate family residing at the same legal residence. We maintain a waiting list. To be put on the waiting list, download, fill out and mail with a $25 non refundable check a Wait List Application. As soon as the paperwork is received you will be placed on the wait list. While on the wait list, you are afforded one free visit to the pool per season.

As memberships are terminated, new bonded members are called, in order, from the wait list. Bonded membership is $550, with a $100 non refundable initiation fee. We do offer a Bond Payment Plan. The $550 bond is redeemable upon membership termination and reselling of the bond.

Those on the wait list may be offered an August Only Membership. Please review form for further information. There are annual dues and registration fees that cover the operating expenses of the pool. Please view a Dues and Registration Form for current fees. Guest passes are available. Please review guest pass procedures for further information.

As a bonded member, to terminate your membership, please review the Bond Termination form.

All bonded members with children under the age of 18, must have on file an Emergency Contact and Consent Form to be completed each season.

For further membership questions consult the By-Laws or membership chair.