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Swim Team Coaching Staff

Greenwood Swim Club Coach Staff 2019


Patrice Bunting

Patrice Bunting is returning to Greenwoods for another summer! She is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Health. She currently works as a Health and Physical Education teacher at The Academy of Notre Dame. Patrice spent her summers swimming for Greenwoods swim club from 7th grade until she graduated high school. In 2009, she began her coaching career, starting as a junior coach for Greenwoods. She continued as a junior coach in 2010. In 2011 Patrice became an assistant coach of Greenwoods swim team, working under Head coach Scott Elliott. In 2017, Patrice stepped up to Interim Head Coach under very difficult circumstances. Patrice’s other coaching accomplishments include Golden Ram Aquatics from 2011-2018. There she spent 2 years with the junior age group, 3 years with the Elite age group and 1 year with the senior age group. Patrice also spent 2 seasons with Unionville High School, as assistant in 2015 and 2016. While at West Chester, Patrice spent 2 years on the women’s swim team. Patrice is a certified USA Swimming coach, as well as Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid certified.

Mike Oliver

Mike is a WCU graduate 2017, with a degree in Health and Physical Education, and a minor in Adapted Physical Education.  He is currently the building substitute for Henderson High School. Mike has been an Assistant Swim team coach of Candlewood Sun Devils summer swim team from 2013 to 2017. He currently is the assistant Swim Coach for Unionville High School. He has been Head Coach for the WCU Rammies Special Olympics Swim Team, Site Supervisor, and One on One performance Coach since 2015.  He has been a swim instructor at WCU since 2015, a Golden Ram Aquatics Coach of all ages since 2018. Mike is a highly decorated All American swimmer/ 2 year Captain while at WCU under the watchful eye of our beloved Scott Elliot.


Aodhán Gorman

Aodhán will be returning to GW again this year!  He was a Jr. Coach here in 2015 and 2016, and Assistant Coach in 2017, and a faithful Gator since 2007!

Aodhan is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at IIT. Was a collegiate level D3 swimmer at IIT for one year and may return for subsequent seasons. Aodhan has given private swim lessons to GW swimmers.  Last year at IIT Aodhan provided swim lessons to adults for 2 semesters. Aodhan has swam for Scott his entire life, Coached under his direction, and brings his enthusiasm and spirit back to Greenwood for another season.

Thomas McCormick

Thomas is a familiar face, new to GW this season.  He is currently studying Education at WCU, with a Mathematics Minor. He has been a Swim instructor at WCU since 2015, and a Coach for the Rammies Special Olympics. Thomas is currently a member of the West Chester University Boys Swim Team. Thomas trained with Scott at GRA and WCU.  He is highly decorated All American Honorable Mention at WCU and state champion in the breast stroke while swimming at Henderson High School. Thomas has been a member of Rosyln swim has grown up in the Southern Chester County Swim League, and was a force to be reckoned with at Roslyn Swim Club over the years.

All coaches will be present and helping during each every practice, doing their best to ensure our kids have fun, maintain the values and traditions of Greenwoods, and helping them to achieve whatever goals they have for “in the pool”.