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  • Members may rent the pool at times outside normal pool hours. All requests for pool rentals must be made, at least two weeks prior to the event, by submitting a completed pool rental agreement through the pool manager for approval by the President of the Green Woods Club Board.
  • Requests will be processed in order of receipt.
  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny any request, to retain any part or all of the renter’s deposit, or to require additional payment for damages — at its sole discretion.
  • Return completed Pool Rental Form to Pool Manager.

Please Provide Member Names Who Are Responsible For Renting The Pool

Member (1):___________________________________________________________________

Member (2):___________________________________________________________________

Member (3):___________________________________________________________________

Member (4):___________________________________________________________________

Member (5):___________________________________________________________________

Date of Rental:  ________________       Time of Rental:  ________________

Additional Information for Rental:__________________________________________________





Conditions for pool rental are as follows:

  1. The renter must be an active member.
  2. The pool may be rented during the following times:
    1. 9PM until midnight on Saturday through Thursdays.
    2. 10PM until midnight on Fridays.
  3. No music (live band, DJ, stereo, etc.) may be played after midnight in consideration of nearby neighbors.
  4. The rental fee is $175 (check to be made payable to Green Woods Club) for rentals beginning at 9PM and $120 for rentals beginning at 10PM.
  5. A $175.00 security deposit against damage or failure to return the pool area to pre-rental conditions by 8 a.m. the following morning is levied. This deposit must be made in advance to the Treasurer (check to be made payable to the Green Woods Club).
  6. The renter’s liability is not limited to $175.00 if repair of damage and/or extra cleanup work are required.
  7. The member renting the pool is personally responsible for the conduct of all attendees, for any personal or Club property damage, and for restoring the pool and grounds to pre-rental condition.
    1. The Pool Manager will contact the Treasurer to release the security deposit.
    2. The number of lifeguards to be retained must be resolved in advance with the Pool Manager and the President. All lifeguards must be obtained through the current pool management company via the Pool Manager. Compensation is arranged between the Pool Manager, the Board, and the renter. One guard for every 25 guests is required, with a minimum of two guards and one manager. The cost for each guard is $15 per hour and $20 per hour for the manager, payable directly to the guards in cash.
    3. All the Rules and Regulations of The Green Woods Club apply to private functions. The rules are enforced by the staff guards on duty at the direction of the Board.

I have read, understand and agree to the above conditions involving the Green Woods Club pool rental.

Member(s) Signature:___________________________________________ Date: ____________

GW Club Board approval: ________________________________________ Date: ____________