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Membership App

I hereby apply for membership in the Green Woods Club, Inc., a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of Pennsylvania for the purpose of operating a swimming pool near Hamorton, Kennett Township, Chester County, PA. I hereby agree that I will abide by the Articles of Incorporation, the By-laws, and any other rules, as deemed necessary, that may be adopted by resolution of the Board of Directors.

In consideration of the benefits and privileges to be derived from family membership in the Club, I hereby tender to Green Woods Club, for a Certificate of Membership: Make your choice by Placing your check in either box

box $600 bond payment fee with this application. OR box $350 payment ($300 plus $50 fee) with this application and $300 balance to be paid by March 1, 2021.

Following is a list of names of the members of my family who will be included in this membership and their birth dates:


Upon execution of this agreement by the Applicant and acceptance by an authorized agent of the Club and Board of Directors action, as evidenced by the appropriate signatures below, it shall constitute a binding contract for the purchase by the applicant of a Certificate of Membership in the Green Woods Club, Inc.

membership app

Mail this application with your payment (payable to Green Woods Club) to the Membership Chair, address below. We will notify you via email upon receipt.

Maggie Stephey – Membership Chair

801 McComb Ln –¬†Chadds Ford, PA 19317

Registration Date____________ Resold Bond / Cert #___________ Refund Amt $__________ Refund Check No. ________